About me

Hello there!

My name is Colin, I am the author of the monthly newsletter Climate Foresight. I have a background in environmental sciences, nature-based solutions and climate finance. I hold a Master of Sciences from AgroParisTech, the top French engineering school for life sciences, and an MBA from INSEAD. My 10 years of professional experience built my expertise in climate change, nature-based solutions, climate finance, carbon markets and sustainable investments.

Once a month, I share my insights about how global warming affects the economy, to help business leaders and decision-makers strengthen their climate awareness; enhance their resilience; reduce their carbon footprint; and finally build a better world to live in.

What drives me most at work is to seek solutions to address environmental, social and economic challenges.

On a more personal note, I enjoy reading the great classics, meditating during a long bike ride in the countryside and unearthing a nice bottle of wine from my cellar to share with my loved ones.

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