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Newsletter #6

Newsletter #6

πŸ’‘ One idea: Green hydrogen, good hydrogen

πŸ“ˆ One data figure: Internet, 20% of global electricity demand by 2030

✨ One success: AgriSound, better knowledge for bee health

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πŸ’‘ Green hydrogen, good hydrogen

Although hydrogen certainly is a very promising technology and source of energy, its prospects have not convinced everyone. Lets us dive into the controversies and perspectives of the hydrogen market.

Globally, hydrogen is today a $100bn market. The momentum is there, and it is growing worldwide. Asia is the biggest market (48%), followed by the Americas (22%) and Europe (18%). The industrial sector largely drives demand as refining and chemicals industries account for more than 80% of hydrogen consumption. But we still are somewhere between β€œwhether” and β€œhow”.

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