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Newsletter #4

Newsletter #4

💡 One idea: Biochar is the new black gold

📈 One data figure: 316 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030

✨ One success: Source, drinking water from air and sunlight

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💡 Biochar is the new black gold

Biochar recently made a comeback in the agricultural world, and it is here to stay. If you have not heard of biochar yet, you must have been living in a cave or gone through a stringent media detox for the past ten years. Anyhow, let me help you catch up, better late than never.

Biochar stands for biological charcoal. It is a byproduct that looks like charcoal and is made through the anaerobic thermal decomposition of organic materials. The raw material used for its production is normally agricultural, forestry or other organic wastes. Since the process does not utilise oxygen, biochar is a product highly rich in carbon.

Forget oil, this is truly black gold

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